Presentation from TF-CSIRT meeting - How TLS 1.3 adoption (and disposal of SSL) is going
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64th meeting of the TF-CSIRT community took place today. I've had the pleasure to contribute to it with a short presentation about the current state of adoption of TLS 1.3 and continued use of SSL protocols. Although I usually don't mention presentations I've prepared for TF-CSIRT meetings here, I've decided to make an exception for this one, since I believe that it might be worth looking at even without the accompanying commentary...

ALEF Security Report 2019
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Couple of months back, my colleagues and I created a report covering current cyber security situation in the Czech Republic. If you’d like to know, what security services were most in demand during the last couple of years, how large is the percentage of Czech organizations, which conduct phishing tests of their employees, or how STARTTLS adoption is progressing in Czech Republic, you may download it here.

It's alive (again) !
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Untrusted Network is back! I've managed to salvage most of the posts from old version of the site so you may find links to those on the main page. So far that's the only content but you may look forward to new posts in 2019!