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Overview of free online malware analysis sandboxes

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This page contains a (hopefully up-to-date) list of useful online malware sandboxes and analytical platforms. The list is (and it is meant to be) non-exhaustive, but if you know of any sandbox which is not mentioned but offers interesting features, feel free to let me know about it.

If you’d like to use the table in a presentation or share it on some other site, there is a PNG version bellow to make it easier.

Current version: 1.6 (1​/2021)

Name Interactive OS Max. runtime duration Max input size File number limits URL submission API access Requires registration Note
Amnpardaz SandBox XP SP2 Not specified 20 MB Not specified Requires an e-mail address for each analysis
Any.Run W7 32bit 300 seconds 16 MB
CAPEv2 Sandbox W7 32bit
W7 64bit
Not specified 30 MB Limits for API use * Offers PCAP analysis as well
Hatching Triage W7 64bit
W10 64bit
1800 seconds No limit * 1 GB+ file sizes supported
Hybrid Analysis W7 32bit
W7 64bit
Android (static analysis only)
360 seconds 100 MB Not specified
Intezer Analyze N/A N/A 16 MB 50 files per month * Analysis of binaries and applications (PE, ELF and APK)
* Not a "true" sandbox - mostly static analysis, but worth mentioning
IRIS-H Digital Forensics N/A N/A Not specified Not specified * Analysis of malicious documents (Office formats, PDFs and LNKs)
* Not a "true" sandbox - only static analysis, but worth mentioning
Joe Sandbox Cloud Basic W7 (unspecified)
W10 64bit
500 seconds Max 100 MB 10 files per day
30 files per month
OPSWAT MetaDefender W7 64bit
W10 64bit
Not specified Not specified Limits for API use
Pikker W7 64bit
600 seconds Not specified Not specified * A free-to-use Cuckoo sandbox

Overview of free online malware analysis sandboxes

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