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TriOp update - version 1.4 (and Shodan Trends)

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I’ve published version 1.4 of TriOp today. The only change in this version is the addition of CVE-2021-31206 (vulnerability used in the ProxyShell attack) to the relevant search list.

One additional point that deserves a mention is that Shodan has recently opened access to a new service called Shodan Trends, which enables users to generate trend charts for (probably) arbitrary Shodan queries. Although these charts are based on monthly averages and are therefore not as precise as charts generated from data collected on a daily basis using TriOp, they can certainly provide one with an interesting look at long-term trends. If you therefore only require general information about trends related to one or more Shodan queries and don’t need a detailed view at how things change on a day-to-day basis, then this service might be a viable alternative to TriOp for you…

As alway, you may download the latest version of TriOp from my GitHub.

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