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History of Malware - Episode 1: Origins of Malware (1948 - 1979)

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I decided to start a YouTube series on the History of Malware and the first video was published today.

In this episode we’ll take a look at where malware began. We’ll discuss the first theoretical works by John von Neumann, the origins of the terms ‘virus’ and ‘worm’ in relation to malware and the early experiments in distributed computation that gave birth to the first computer worms. If you’d like to learn more about the subjects, you may find links for the relevant sources under the video.

John von Neumann - The General and Logical Theory of Automata

John von Neumann - Theory of Self-Reproducing Automata

Lionel Penrose - Self-Reproducing Machines

Frederick G. Stahl - 1960 – the first artificial universe complex artificial life in a Darwinian world

M. D. McIlroy, R. Morris, V. A. Vyssotsky - Letter to C. A. Lang about Darwin

The Jargon File 4.2.2

Fork bombs - Wikia

Numberphile - Does John Conway hate his Game of Life?

Gregory Benford - The Scared Man

Jordan Spencer Cunningham - Q&A with Ray Tomlinson on Creeper “Virus”

Veith Risak - Selbstreproduzierende Automaten mit minimaler Informationsübertragung

Cicatrix - Interview with Q The Misanthrope

Peter G. Neumann - The Risk Digest Volume 6 Issue 53

John Walker - The Animal Episode

PARC History

John F. Shoch and Jon A. Hupp - The "Worm" Programs Early Experience with a Distributed Computation

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