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Looking back at March 2015

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Looking back at March, probably the most important information security news has been discovery of a significant vulnerability (which could be exploited using a FREAK attack) in some TLS/SSL implementations, including the ones used by Windows operating systems.
Another worth while news has been a discovery of a new campaign aimed at energy sector companies in the Middle East. Trojan Laizok - a reconnaissance malware for gathering information about infected systems - has been used in the campaign, along with other malicious programs which have been modified for specific systems based on the information gathered by Laizok.
A mention should also be made about two very powerful DDoS attacks made during the second half of the month - first one was targeted at and the second one at GitHub. According to published analysis China was the source of both attacks.
Finally, at the end of “Looking back” we shoud mention that in course of March the Rowhammer attack was made public. It is based on changing specific bits in memory by exploiting a weakness in DDR3 memories which leads to priviledge escalation.

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